Haaland Is The One! Man Utd Transfer News

5. april. 2021
128 163 Ganger

Man Utd have made Erling Haaland their Top transfer priority and dropped their interest in Jadon Sancho according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. United Stand Merch collection united-stand.myshopify.com​
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  • halland go to city sancho to united

    ROGER B-D-RROGER B-D-R10 dager siden
  • mark talks absolute crap....we need flex to take over.

    Harry ButlerHarry Butler11 dager siden
  • This de gea thing is ridiculous ole is just giving hendo a run of games like everyone has been saying for him to do for month now that he’s done it everyone’s acting like he’s being snaked out some people just need to get a grip

    Karl GrayKarl Gray11 dager siden
  • I just love how beth smile at the end, it's just too sweet.

    HmmHmm11 dager siden
  • Good to see the wise man Rick, the knowledge and sense flows through him x

    Ethan WEthan W12 dager siden
  • They talk shat . De Hea wanted to go a season and a half ago. United begged him to stay with a new deal and a promise to find a replacement . They found the replacement he’s ready to go . I don’t think he’s disappointed or being dropped. Your seeing a plan coming to a end . Players we should be talking about are Pogba and Marcial . They are simply slow and languid players suited to a different league. Don’t get me wrong they would be fantastic in the Spanish league or Italian. But when the are up against high tempo pressing or low block they struggle plus Pogba cannot play the deep midfielder he cannot defend .

    vaughan lockettvaughan lockett12 dager siden
  • Why Van de Beek does not get more game time I can not understand it Van de beek can play 6 or 8 Ole should have played him more .

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • Having Martial in the squad is an asset to the team I hope we don't sell Martial . I also think his form could turn around and he could start scoring goals from the left .

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • I am all for Mason playing striker and Martial on the left no reason to part with Martial .

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • If Utd sell De Gea we will have to buy another keeper in an ideal world we will be able to keep both .

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • Fans don't know what's going on with the De Gea situation he was in the bench for Spain 1st April don't be surprised to see him play Vs Spurs .

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • I don't want Haaland we have Mason Greenwood we don't need Haaland .

    Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • How will Hendo be with 75K fans back at Old Trafford ?

    Jay HamJay Ham12 dager siden
  • See united looking for whose career to end again😂. We do not Have prolific wingers to support him. Pls let’s leave the guy alone until further notice pls

    Mayowa FatunkeMayowa Fatunke12 dager siden
  • There is no way Haaland will come to us after what Keane did to his dad. He will.go City if anyone in England. Let's forget about him.

    Chill Out!Chill Out!12 dager siden
  • Flex spot on about greenwood. Just be patient and see what he can do.

    omar idrissomar idriss12 dager siden
  • Alex is clueless

    Deven PatelDeven Patel12 dager siden
  • Buy Grealish instead of Sancho 🤣🤣 two different positions man like saying selling De Gea and bring in a ST to replace him 🤣🤣

    BIZZABrandon31BIZZABrandon3112 dager siden
  • If haaland wants to be in England we get him if he doesn't then we leave him be because if he playes for a different team in the prem they will win every season but if he goes somewhere else we will only play against him in the champions League which is harder to win

    Godfrey NkansahGodfrey Nkansah12 dager siden
  • In EPL Martial was 💩 as a 9 Martial is 💩 as a 9 Martial will be 💩 as a 9

    Nana pNana p12 dager siden
  • Love me some Jay analysis

    Mansur AhmedMansur Ahmed12 dager siden
  • If we get a CB, CDM and winger to address our team's issues and city sign Haaland, next season's outcome will still be the same.

    w00t777w00t77712 dager siden
  • This summer is the only chance Utd have of signing Haaland. Once the £60 million sell on fee comes into place we wont get him. Haaland and Greenwood, and Martial fighting it out for striker. Play two of them in a 4-4-2 against the lesser teams. Lingard and Bruno and van de Beek possible no.8,s or 10,s competing for places. Garner should come back fighting for his place. If Pogba stays , Mctominay can be a box to box player. We have two young wingers progressing. I would take Haaland if there is any chance to bring him in, over splitting the transfer budget over several players. And I really hope Tuanzebe gets his chance

    David RiddellDavid Riddell12 dager siden
    • @David Riddell what in your mind makes you think Ole doesn’t want to play McFred because Ole has done nothing that should make you think that

      The TruthThe Truth11 dager siden
    • @The Truth yes I would still buy Haaland if the chance to sign him arises. I dont think it will happen though. I think Ole will move from the Mcfred partnership. He tried to start this season without them, and the results were so disastrous he had to go back to them, but I think he will gradually move from them being first choice. It seems like it is gradually happening already. Tuanzebe could actually play CDM, but I want him starting as a first choice central defender. Garner might breakthrough next season. There are many young players who will improve, whether they develop quickly enough or not will be reflected in next seasons results. Haaland and Greenwood upfront in a 4-4-2 would be great.

      David RiddellDavid Riddell12 dager siden
    • So you’d waste 150 million on our attack which isn’t a problem and feel comfortable that McFred would be able to supply them? Because there’s no way pogba is staying if he see’s that Ole is the manager, United don’t buy a fast defender and we don’t buy a proper winger to fix our lack of creativity on the right hand side. And don’t say Ole will play Garner because Ole has proven countless times that when he has options in midfield he will pick McFred to protect his Job.

      The TruthThe Truth12 dager siden
  • Ole is not only a Fraud but also a massive massive liar as Jay said. He's been constantly feeding us with this bs

    Broks KiiBroks Kii12 dager siden
  • I like greenwood but can't say I wanna see him starting on the right. Not good enough there imo. Dubbed the best finisher in the sqaud give him a chance and stick him up top FFS

    Jordan SobkowiakJordan Sobkowiak12 dager siden
  • The football we are playing is dead. Maguire, 80 million, looks a bit dead to me. Freestyle football with no patterns of play and over reliance on individual brilliance.

    TRUTH BOMBS Acktour FinderTRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder12 dager siden
  • Haaland is never signing for united

    Lucas SanchezLucas Sanchez12 dager siden
  • that's why ole out

    Aldo RevaelAldo Revael12 dager siden
  • Ricky "we want to win leagues and champions league and we wont do that with Greenwood" yet he wants Matic, Mata & James to play, can they win us things?

    macattack1986macattack198612 dager siden
    • Bruv he believes magic mata and James can win us sextuple lol

      Mirza BaigMirza Baig12 dager siden
  • The reason to play De Gea is so you dont damage his transfer value even more than they have. The team conceding from crosses is usually the defenders fault when its happend this year especially.

    Rob ZombieRob Zombie12 dager siden
  • I'd bring in Sancho over Haaland, Sancho can play either wing, we need better creativity on the wing's, no Riola and Sancho is half the price of Haaland plus Sancho is more long term, and on saying getting Grealish over sancho Grealish would wonder into Fernandes space.

    macattack1986macattack198612 dager siden
  • Alex looks like he definitely needs a wash

    Josh AllenJosh Allen12 dager siden
  • Rashford lw haaland st martial rw

    Gabe moreGabe more12 dager siden
  • Even if we get an elite DM, ole will not move away from the rigid 4-2-3-1.

    Saqib AkbarSaqib Akbar12 dager siden
  • Would de gea get a statue when he retires/leaves??

    Ryan_Thats_MeRyan_Thats_Me12 dager siden
  • Personally I don’t rate Haaland as other people watch him tonight against City and I might be wrong but I also think he couldn’t handle premier league football, I didn’t take notice but did he get any goals international break? Give me Greenwood anytime

    Mark BleasdaleMark Bleasdale12 dager siden
    • Playing for city, with the chances they make, he should still be effective, even in the Premier League. But we don't create enough so he'd be ordinary for us.

      Mark KofiMark Kofi12 dager siden
  • United have the funds for any transfer.

    englishmanspeaksenglishmanspeaks12 dager siden
  • Haaland and a solid centre back would put United in contention for all the major trophies.

    englishmanspeaksenglishmanspeaks12 dager siden
    • @Mark Kofi obviously they rate McFred to supply Haaland😂😂😂

      The TruthThe Truth12 dager siden
    • Who is going to create the chances for Haaland?

      Mark KofiMark Kofi12 dager siden
  • Haaland is not the one kounde is the one and rice and sar

    The legendary Sport: FootballThe legendary Sport: Football12 dager siden
  • I Think the Biggest reason why we are dead on the right is generally due to AWB. In comparison to Shaw he has loads to learn.

    Bryce DelportBryce Delport13 dager siden
  • We are replacing a premier league winning keeper with a prospect. We signed Edwin Van Der Sar at 34. Age is not a factor. Ole has no testicular fortitude.

    PreshhdPreshhd13 dager siden
    • @Mark Kofi those are all valid points mate 🤝 hit the nail on the head

      PreshhdPreshhd12 dager siden
    • I've got a feeling that De Gea wants to leave. He's been here a long time and managed to maintain his relationship with his Spanish based partner. They've just had their first child and no doubt want to raise him in Spain. The timing could just be right. The only issue is whether Real Madrid have the cash to pay his transfer and current salary. Finally I imagine he wants to finish his career with a good chance of winning the Champions league. We're 4 years away from winning that trophy.

      Mark KofiMark Kofi12 dager siden
  • No way Pellestri starts ahead of greenwood, James or Diallo, can see him on loan for several seasons and then maybe being sold without playing a match for us, unsure why Sancho isn't now being considered as Greenwood nor anyone other than Diallo should play in that position but again he dont get the time under Ole - don't get me started on James, no way near the starting line up - simply not good enough regardless, stop relying on veterans recommending players ( Giggs/Forlan), they are not scouts and we should be relying on the scouting operation. In terms of Haaland , no one will be able to afford him this season, he could be a better bet once his release clause comes in, plus he's not a city type player (passing isnt great, no doubt he can score but he's a traditional number 9, city don't necessarily need that type of player), he'd be perfect at Utd, Barca, Real, PSG, Liverpool who utilises the number 9 role

    Craig WhitworthCraig Whitworth13 dager siden
  • Look at Darlow at Newcastle would we even go for him? Hell no. De Gea made us relevant, our best player for years. Hate the way he is being treated

    Rebas Da2Rebas Da213 dager siden
  • I prefer Mark fronting this, Flex wastes too much time reading superchst rubbish. This should be about listening to the hosts not fans this time.

    Al MarcuccilliAl Marcuccilli13 dager siden
    • @Al Marcuccilli I agree with you mate. I don't see myself ever paying for a super chat. But that's the model so they have to be read. 👍🏾

      Mark KofiMark Kofi12 dager siden
    • @Mark Kofi I'm no mug paying to be heard..all the superchats are nonsense most of the time

      Al MarcuccilliAl Marcuccilli12 dager siden
    • People pay for superchats. How would you feel if you paid £5 and the chat wasn't read? No doubt you'd complain that you were robbed.

      Mark KofiMark Kofi13 dager siden
  • I love DDG but everyone just keeps going to the point about the service he has given us rather than anything else

    JA MJA M13 dager siden
  • How much is Jesse worth to West Ham £ ....... he’s smashing it

    salford 5salford 513 dager siden
  • He will never sign for Utd after what Keene did to his dad

    Martyn BrookesMartyn Brookes13 dager siden
  • Mason has improved a LOT from last season. What we need is to improve our shitty midfield and defence.

    uzi94uzi9413 dager siden
  • I rather have Declan Rice and varane/Kounde

    Kurt FernandesKurt Fernandes13 dager siden
  • We have good strikers, this is a dumb conversation on average how many chances do we create for our strikers per game? There’s your answer it’s not our strikers it’s the service. Fix that we get goals, surprised this hasn’t been picked up, mark knows.

    Ryan McGreevyRyan McGreevy13 dager siden
  • DDG is our best GK.

    uzi94uzi9413 dager siden
  • Are we Manchester United with the best from around the world or English football players United?

    Pat BhukkanasutPat Bhukkanasut13 dager siden
  • Should we sell lingard or bring him back and play him on the RW new Sancho better

    GlizzyGlizzy13 dager siden
  • Love the show

    Charbel ChalhoubCharbel Chalhoub13 dager siden
  • Leave haaland .. give me koulibaly and kane/Son

    Dayle BrooksDayle Brooks13 dager siden
  • Was Beth rooting for Romero when he was playing well for us to be our first choice keeper?DDG was making some mistakes in those seasons,if I'm not wrong.But in this season DDG has not put a foot wrong,and now all of a sudden Henderson deserves a chance?(According to Beth).For what?What has DDG done wrong in this season to get dropped?Just Brexit mentality.

    Apurba RoyApurba Roy13 dager siden
  • Everyone all off a sudden bumming de gea when everyone wanted him gone not long ago. Let’s not forget he wanted too leave and and the goalkeeping coach left who was his close friend.

    Rob UnitedRob United13 dager siden
  • @The United Stand Can you put the names upon each box so that we can know the persons on the show

    Ram PrasadRam Prasad13 dager siden
  • Just becuz a goalkeeper doesnt make mistakes doesnt mean he should be no.1...every one who plays football knows the importance of communication between the defence and the keeper...maybe the defence feel more confident with henderson commanding the penalty area...im not saying de gea deserves to be dropped but the argument of saying he doesnt make mistakes is not valid period

    msms13 dager siden
  • Who’s the guy with the chin

    Jon SnowJon Snow13 dager siden
  • Its going to be interesting now that the push for women to join the teams as a mixed game in the future.

    Yellow GardenYellow Garden13 dager siden
  • Would you guys consider talking about Kieran McKenna? Ole said he doesn’t coach the team, and we always talked about Carrick. Why no one talks about McKenna who was youth coach and McT constantly getting picked?

    Alvern HoAlvern Ho13 dager siden
  • Henderson is nothing special

    Unbearable 2020Unbearable 202013 dager siden
  • Jay needs his own slot, engaging and to the point.

    Bob DouglasBob Douglas13 dager siden
  • So everyone basically agrees almost nothing gets created on the right hand side yet all in hearing is get Grealish n other defensive reinforcements or do everything to sign Haaland. Makes no sense

    Mose JonesMose Jones13 dager siden
  • If Degea was English and Hendo Spanish would all this be happening, honest wanna know.

    T_dwah TMT_dwah TM13 dager siden
  • Haaland is better than Greenwood. However I feel Greenwood in the bundesliga will be a madness. If he was in Dortmund, we'd be looking to sign him. Mason has a huge potential, we should be looking to maximise that.

    T_dwah TMT_dwah TM13 dager siden
    • Haaland better than Greenwood ? I don't agree with you .

      Premier LeaguePremier League12 dager siden
  • Why do people keep saying we need a more clinical striker,? When we are incompetent at giving our strikers service? Like which world do we live in! We simply do not create chances for our strikers, n no striker can bang goals on their own.. football is a freaking team sport. Cmon people, it’s the manger that needs to get the players to play a certain way.. Martial is a great player!

    Brian CasaBrian Casa13 dager siden
  • Deluded

    B BasilB Basil13 dager siden
  • The one.. that we won't get

    ranjit prakashranjit prakash13 dager siden
  • I would rather go with sancho than buying haaland if we had budget to do so. I would sell Dan James he is not good enough to be even in the squad of man utd

    alish khadkaalish khadka13 dager siden
  • Real Madrid and atletico madrid both have better goalkeepers why would they want ddg

    Sergio DanversSergio Danvers13 dager siden
  • Haaland is overrated. He still need more time to prove he is superstar

    Saiful AhmadSaiful Ahmad13 dager siden
  • Mason just need to bulk up and he will be the complete striker

    Kah Heng LimKah Heng Lim13 dager siden
  • That's why opposition teams that have figured Ole out don't set up strong against our right side and over crowd our left we are dreadful down the right.

    stavvy stavvystavvy stavvy13 dager siden
  • City and Liverpool have shown us that striker is not the priority to win major trophies. They all have solid central defenders, creative midfielders and great wingers.

    Lindsey CeliaLindsey Celia13 dager siden
    • @Unbearable 2020 we haven’t had one of those for a while😂

      The TruthThe Truth12 dager siden
    • And great managers 😊

      Unbearable 2020Unbearable 202013 dager siden
  • Cdm please first

    Sharmaarke KaarsheSharmaarke Kaarshe13 dager siden
  • Vaccine passports are coming for everyone

    Nice GuyNice Guy13 dager siden
  • Ok Jay has won me over. I only saw him the first episode with Ricky and thought he was kinda agressive, but seeing more of him he's changed my mind, you want to hear him talking as much as possible

    Bautista Las HerasBautista Las Heras13 dager siden
    • @El Poundo Bet u think Dan James is out best player

      Israel ShabzIsrael Shabz10 dager siden
    • Nah he's a tool

      El PoundoEl Poundo12 dager siden
  • Too many pundits imo. Should be max 3-4 per show.

    Ian YeoIan Yeo13 dager siden
  • HAALAND or greenwood first time I've seen anything like this for one place

    Damien RowleyDamien Rowley13 dager siden
    • haaland for 120m (the whole budget when u need other positions) or greenwood for free? that's the debate. if we had the proper budget we shud then haaland in the situation we are in it's a tough choice

      Vk DeenVk Deen13 dager siden
  • I honestly think Utd has full time spin doctors working none stop, creating all this media bullshit and I think there motto is any publicity is good publicity. We’re being run by morons.

    T.H.RT.H.R13 dager siden
  • I reckon Phil Jones is the mole

    RichiemanRichieman13 dager siden
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate. I really doubt that there has been a good line of communication between Solskjaer, De Dea, and Woodward about the current goalkeeping situation.

    Javier HernandezJavier Hernandez13 dager siden
  • We will not sign Haaland. This is going to bore on all summer FFS.

    pleopodpleopod13 dager siden
  • Jay relax with the roids mate, barely cracks a smile you're not Roy Keane bro 😂

    PortionHubPortionHub13 dager siden
  • So ole would’ve dropped Allison when he wasn’t playing well for kelleher if he managed Liverpool and the media pushed for it.

    Veer AgarwalVeer Agarwal13 dager siden
  • Let me guess - Goldbridge is 90% certain it will happen.

    Frank VeltzFrank Veltz13 dager siden

    Andy GunnAndy Gunn13 dager siden
  • Haaland ain’t coming to united stop dreaming

    peter djericpeter djeric13 dager siden
  • Today, the United Stand spent two and a half shows taking about which keeper to play and which keeper to sell. That shows that the board has won today because they have been able to keep the conversation away from their ineptitude and the worthless summer that we are about to enter.

    Lester LeeLester Lee13 dager siden
  • Simply put cavani has to go and if martial leaves then we need a striker if not focus on varane and (bissouma/kessie)

    silencer Gsilencer G13 dager siden
  • If we sign haaland, like we signed zlatan and lukaku, Greenwood will become another Martial, stifled talent waiting too long for his chance to be the main man.

    clay buzzclay buzz13 dager siden
  • We need to start playing Diallo Right wing for the rest of the season.

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name13 dager siden
  • Looks like Jay, Kev and Rick are modelling a range of man shirts by Matalan

    Max leigh grace 88Max leigh grace 8813 dager siden
    • @Max leigh grace 88 I guess so.

      Digger GardiDigger Gardi11 dager siden
    • @Digger Gardi 🤣 same shite, different store

      Max leigh grace 88Max leigh grace 8812 dager siden
    • Very funny Max although I thought Primark myself lol.

      Digger GardiDigger Gardi12 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Mohammad AliMohammad Ali13 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻

      Michael GMichael G13 dager siden
  • Get rid of Jay, the guy is a bore

    Michael PilgrimMichael Pilgrim13 dager siden
    • 😂😂

      Ivan IbhawohIvan Ibhawoh13 dager siden
  • Haaland is off to city.

    JRJR13 dager siden
  • Cannot see rhe the Muppets Glazers spending 150mm for Haaland

    Andrew IAndrew I13 dager siden
    • You forgetting about the ridiculous contract they gave Sanchez?

      The TruthThe Truth12 dager siden
  • If De Gea says: "I Want to Leave at End of Season" Good Luck to him!! But if Ole wants to play Henderson to integrate him into the team now. Why shouldn't he. Can't be sentimental!! Club comes first!

    Marc DermottMarc Dermott13 dager siden
  • I want timo Werner

    GraveSingerGraveSinger13 dager siden