GOLDBRIDGE! Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool Match Reaction

24. jan.. 2021
420 118 Ganger

Liverpool 3-2 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here
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  • 20:15

    st jimmy16st jimmy1610 dager siden
  • David Silva etc. he’s more of a raumdeuter, very similar to Muller.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMåned siden
  • I like Luke Shaw, and for me there is no discussion that he is our first choice. But how can we just ignore the fact that he let Salah go twice for two goals?

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuMåned siden
  • i think Cavanis movement make such a big difference for us i really do

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiMåned siden
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    • Man United one United 👿😈👿

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuMåned siden
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    • Will hopefully show the team and Ole that we don't have to play Bruno in every game

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiMåned siden
  • V

    Renata BotovaRenata BotovaMåned siden
    • VDB blew it .won't see any play time now!

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMåned siden
  • I mean looking at this game’s stats, United look like they were the better team. Same chances with less passes and possession. It’s quite remarkable really consider that when these two teams payed each other in the league just a few days ago, Liverpool had so many more chances and people were saying they were dominating United.

    Logen MLogen MMåned siden
  • Rashford was pure class, Martial has wasted too many chances, what does he actually bring to the table? Cash in ASAP Ole.

    TheDigitalApeTheDigitalApeMåned siden
  • vdb is rusty because ole bench him for too long, go watch him play for ajax

    pj neonpj neonMåned siden
  • If it's true that Bruno doesn't perform well against big teams, then technically Liverpool isn’t a big team🔥

    Ans ZubairAns ZubairMåned siden
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    John PearsonJohn PearsonMåned siden
  • You talk a lot of sense and I would subscribe to this channel but for the amount of bloody adverts, I have started watching NOtown as I am fed up with adverts on ITV and Sky and there are just as bloody many on this channel!

    Nick TombsNick TombsMåned siden

    AkinAkinMåned siden
  • i think Cavanis movement make such a big difference for us i really do

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMåned siden
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    Adele MariaAdele MariaMåned siden
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    Katherine QuinnKatherine QuinnMåned siden
  • Cavani for me was amazing he worked that up front perfect. Work rate incredible.

    Davey BDavey BMåned siden
    • chances.ppl litrally block out anything poor set players do it so obvious

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMåned siden
  • VDB blew it .won't see any play time now!

    Michael PalfremanMichael PalfremanMåned siden
  • Man United one United 👿😈👿

    Guz ManGuz ManMåned siden
  • Pedro Gonçalves to ManU?

  • Bruno scoring the winner against the Scousers is obviously divine, but from our perspective, arguably the best thing yesterday was our performance prior to Bruno coming on. Will hopefully show the team and Ole that we don't have to play Bruno in every game

    TT 97TT 97Måned siden
  • 1:40 Mark, you might wanna hold that thought😂

    TT 97TT 97Måned siden
  • It's an ideology so it is the antichrist that' infiltrated yous he's dead he's still just a man

    Stevo MaginnStevo MaginnMåned siden
  • shall we get ole out 🤣

    Janith AmeratungaJanith AmeratungaMåned siden
  • CDM discussion: Thoughts on Joshua Kimmich as a lone holding midfielder? Seems like an obvious shout as an already established player but he's a higher calibre and most likely less expensive than Rice would be

    PrimePresentsPrimePresentsMåned siden
    • Why would he leave Bayern?

      Sween JP6Sween JP6Måned siden
  • Salah two goals should have been prevented Shaw too slow to read the situation he is still a super player

    eslermanu47eslermanu47Måned siden
  • I 100% agree with Donny playing in a CDM roll as I think that position is up for grabs and tactically he can play that roll, he will also be alot for progressive attacking as well but I don't think he can play on the wings especially against top teams he had a chance to run at Liverpools CB's in the first half with loads of space on the counter and he chose to play it 30 yards back he miles better centrally I think

    lowlowMåned siden
  • Hopefully I'm not the only one that saw VDB could have been slipped in on a few occasions but noone played him the ball

    Nicholas RyanNicholas RyanMåned siden
  • shaw was decent attacking but both goals came from his side, explain that if he was so good?

    dettworkdettworkMåned siden
  • Pogba please stay

    Shaun HowlettShaun HowlettMåned siden
  • Henderson played poor

    Shaun HowlettShaun HowlettMåned siden
  • dvb runs wide so how is he going to get the ball every time i see him he does the same thing but its the new player so you all ignore scott played the most passes to create chances.ppl litrally block out anything poor set players do it so obvious

    Messymouf EntertainmentMessymouf EntertainmentMåned siden
  • scott played alot more defence splitting passes than pogba and dvb but that will be ignored because he dont pass the eye test

    Messymouf EntertainmentMessymouf EntertainmentMåned siden
  • Players’ ratings starts 16:10

    • Thanks mate

      XDMalvenXDMalvenMåned siden
  • GGMU

    Rohan 777Rohan 777Måned siden
  • I had £5 on 3_2 utd

    Will always TelehandlerWill always TelehandlerMåned siden
  • Henderson 6 AWB 6 Lindelof 6 Maguire 6 Shaw 7 Mctominay 5 Pogba 7 VDB 6 Greenwood 7 Rashford 8 motm Cavani 7 Fred 6 Bruno 7 Martial 6 Ole 8 The scousers are going back into their caves again 😂😂😂

    sivo 3991sivo 3991Måned siden
  • Are you Ole in now ?

    Tony CelestinoTony CelestinoMåned siden
  • Pump it up

    The Golden RocketThe Golden RocketMåned siden
  • First time I can remember starting a game against Liverpool where I wasn’t sure who the favorites were. Massive turn around from last year.

    Stuart HolehouseStuart HolehouseMåned siden
  • Where are the Ole Out-ers? I always said he is the right manager for us, he bleeds United through n through and he will improve himself n also make us better. All we need now is a top assistant coach to help Ole, a director of football, a fast n tall CB, a young CDM and any dribbler who can cross from the wings. That will make us unbeatable. I'd sell the deadwood asap also.

    A CA CMåned siden
  • cavan won the free kick and even told bruno where to shoot the free kick bruno said so in his post match interview

    buttwhthappenedbuttwhthappenedMåned siden
  • Lindelof seems too hesitant for a CB

    Stuart HolehouseStuart HolehouseMåned siden
  • Donny reminds me a bit of Harry Winks at Spurs. I really like the way they play but it doesn’t really suit the style of their manager. No ones fault just the way it is. They seem more like players that would suit a Pep team.

    Stuart HolehouseStuart HolehouseMåned siden

    General AnalGeneral AnalMåned siden
  • cavani or zlatan

    Damien DalyDamien DalyMåned siden
  • "Ole's played a blinder." Then only gives him a 7!

    N TN TMåned siden
  • We’re so blessed to have pogba man, best midfielder in the world

    AbdulAbdulMåned siden
  • Im fuming at the supposed United fans giving VDB a 7.2 over McTominays 5.7, Scotty was in the middle of it all the way through the game, he is a box to box not a DCM. Ole set us up all wrong. Sell VDB and get in Grealish, Bruno shouldn't be babying or praising VDB who is supposedly a quality Champions League proven player. Stop living up VDB's arse because he is a new signing, he shyed away from the ball all the second half.

    AC MillsAC MillsMåned siden
  • Giving Van Der Beek a 6 shows to me that Mark doesn't know anything about football. I don't think Bruno did that much when he came on. Apart from the free kick what did he do?

    Wolves Change riversWolves Change riversMåned siden
    • @Sha Meem It's about time he did something in a big game. He's done zip every big game up to now.

      Wolves Change riversWolves Change riversMåned siden
    • He freaking won us the game mate! 😂 like he always does!

      Sha MeemSha MeemMåned siden
  • I would love to see dvdb Bruno and pogba as a 3 in midfield or go diamond with Fred aswell

    You don’t need to know You don’t need to knowYou don’t need to know You don’t need to knowMåned siden
  • When you realise Luke Shaw is younger than Robertson

    Mahad AsifMahad AsifMåned siden
    • You can't be serious

      NARUTO NANARUTO NAMåned siden
  • I like shaw but he was partly at fault for both goals... cd's where poor as well but i think luke should have done better. Cant give him a 7, his standards are much higher

    Κωστας ΜπαμιχαςΚωστας ΜπαμιχαςMåned siden
  • McTominay right now is the problem at this team. A passion merchant with too little football qualities whose only ability is to run around (actually he's slow in that too) and make tackles. His passing as a CM is awful. He never can command the CM as a Matic does with calmness. He can't read the game as a very good to top CM does (example: his absent watching of Firminho making that through pass to Salah). He is there, bc he's from the academy and got the DNA. Nothing more!

    Der.Prinz.EisenherzDer.Prinz.EisenherzMåned siden
  • Phil Jones should played this game, he will score 30goals and destroy Liverpool. Now he will go to others club. This sad, Woodward out!!

    Mohd HasyudinMohd HasyudinMåned siden
  • Why did Liverpool play an 8yr old in defence

    Dave ByrneDave ByrneMåned siden
  • Can we dedicate this win to Jordan Henderson for his after match comments. What a prat!

    Jon UnderwoodJon UnderwoodMåned siden
  • Is Luke Shaw World-Class? Almost there? Really solid he is, consistently and comfortably.

    Thabo MahlagareThabo MahlagareMåned siden
  • Bruno said he learned many things from mata

    Pheonex chickenOPPheonex chickenOPMåned siden
  • But this is the same liverpool side that were beaten by Burnley

    Swarup chhetriSwarup chhetriMåned siden
  • I think VDB and MCTOMINAY should have played as a double pivot and Pogba as a 10.😍

    Chowdhury DipnilChowdhury DipnilMåned siden
  • I love what OGS said in the post match press conference.

    Chowdhury DipnilChowdhury DipnilMåned siden
  • Too much ad please reduce it 🙏 😫 😢 😔

    Matt OsasMatt OsasMåned siden
  • we need steve bruce in the team

    John MossJohn MossMåned siden
  • And where is credit for OLLE??

    Total vision ProductionTotal vision ProductionMåned siden
  • Mark you are talking about how hard to play up front the differences between martial and Cavani is work rate

    Ty hanfordTy hanfordMåned siden
  • These people who criticise Bruno are not United fans they say it to get a reaction knowing goldbridge will bite straight away lol

    Russel HughesRussel HughesMåned siden
  • We have to fix the issue of playing well against big teams and the worst against small team......

    Total vision ProductionTotal vision ProductionMåned siden
  • You're absolutely right mark we have made immense progress but with a good center back and a good center playing with Progba and Bruno we will be deadly in attack

    Bundhoo NazilaBundhoo NazilaMåned siden
  • All pundits are focused on the Liverpool positives ... forwards played well.... but all of them are forgetting one scary fact ....anto and green are just beginning to get their act together ...

    Rajeev KRajeev KMåned siden
  • Why does the best coach in EPL go 5games without winning a game? Has Pep had the same too??

  • Anytime Liverpuddle loses from Man United it is a good game. Still need to work on that defense but a good win all in all.

    Jin JJin JMåned siden
  • I be surprised if Vdb get any game time soon. But I hope he does get more minutes. please don't play him at 10. Don't think 10 is his best position

    Star *Star *Måned siden
  • What happened to January transfer?

    Gabar-GCSGabar-GCSMåned siden
  • Totally disagree on Scott McTominay getting a 5 rated. Think he did a cracking job in the midfield. Also believe he did a better job then Pogba! Marcus Rashford man of the match 🙏

    CummoCummoMåned siden
  • Mctominay is trying to play the Carrick role with his back passes

    YKYKMåned siden
  • When time was bad, just after losing one match this channel asked for oles head and wanted pochetino in. This channel is very toxic and don't have the United mentality. Please everyone avoid.

    Tahmid ChowdhuryTahmid ChowdhuryMåned siden
  • Only last game Liverpool ... Rashford was thrown the brick at ... and today comes back fighting ...

    Haresh Kumar KaliaperumalHaresh Kumar KaliaperumalMåned siden
  • I know Mason had a great game but he has to learn when to pass.

    Arash SadeghiehArash SadeghiehMåned siden
  • if u look we concede alot less with maguire and baily i feel so much safer with them im sure a lindelof with baily or tuanzebe would do well when i first saw scott dm i was saying wasted there our best dms are matic and fred cm should be pogba donny or scott number 10 bruno donny or mata

    BleachguyBleachguyMåned siden
  • Hi

    Tristyn Lee MohanTristyn Lee MohanMåned siden
  • Scott has play alot of games for us. For me, the last game he play well was probably against leeds. He did score against Watford but didn't really do anything great. He's been given a lot of chances & game time. He need to step up

    Star *Star *Måned siden
  • Good stuff Mark.

    S SheldonS SheldonMåned siden
  • my fear is pogba leaves scott will get his place i would give it to donny i only want pogba to stay if sacks agent otherwise no donny lacked sharpness lack of games donny has potential bet we wont see donny till next cup game

    BleachguyBleachguyMåned siden
  • Cavani is such a work dog, he's like prime Rooney but with long hair.

    zhongming wenzhongming wenMåned siden
  • we were like concrete lindelof maguire scott and pogba no pace there i would of taken of scott for fred at HT no more maguire and lindelof please no balance

    BleachguyBleachguyMåned siden
  • I should've refereed this game there was too many favorable calls for Man United

    Benjamin LinusBenjamin LinusMåned siden
  • To be fair rashford usually gives TAA a bath

    kyriacandrokyriacandroMåned siden
  • Its coming home its coming home idk of fa cup but the prem is coming home!

    ThurstonGamer1888ThurstonGamer1888Måned siden
  • We need a defender not lindolef we need someone who reads the game and comfortable with the ball and can score from corners not lindolef that's when I can relax.

    Aar DalalAar DalalMåned siden
  • I'll always support Donny, because I know his potential, his quality is rare.. Hopefully he fulfills his potential at Old Trafford and not at a different club, because we can't lose a player of his calibre, smh...

    Servant Of Jesus ChristServant Of Jesus ChristMåned siden
  • I think Donny best plays along with Scott at CMF. orchestrating the game with simple yet correct and sharp passing. and as soon he regains his confidence more things will come.

    Jeff MarronJeff MarronMåned siden
  • How mad is 2021 we are in a title race and the glazers and Tom Brady are in a super bowl final.

    Sir Alex FergusonSir Alex FergusonMåned siden
  • Also I am not sure I have ever seen Mark give Mctom his matter how well he plays you always say someone shoulf be in ahead of him

    Harry JonesHarry JonesMåned siden
  • That's what happens when Rashford plays with his eyes open. He was focused in this game. He needs consistency. performing in a big game can be a good turning point for him.

    Jeff MarronJeff MarronMåned siden
  • Why do you start every video roaring shouting? Scares the shite out of a man everytime 🤣🖕🏼

    Sean HesterSean HesterMåned siden
  • What whould happen if ole decides to play all 4 foward for man utd ??🤔🤔🤔

    Shahrin IzwanShahrin IzwanMåned siden
  • Biggest weakness of MU is playing out from the back. Buttery legs from the centerbacks and holding midfielders losing the ball in the MU third. Heart attacks when that happen...and inevitable costs the team goals which can be avoided. Henderson needs more playing time. He is indecisive and jittery at times.

    Steven OwSteven OwMåned siden

    Shahrin IzwanShahrin IzwanMåned siden